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May 2016

Promotions at Anubis BJJ

Zizo Promotion to Purple Belt

The recent Cyborg seminar ended on a high note as Cyborg promoted five of our team members to Blue Belt and Anubis BJJ head instructor Mohamed “Zizo” Omar to Purple Belt.  Congratulations to all our promotees for this important mark in their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journeys!

Group Promotion Picture.jpg

Belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu don’t come often and don’t come easily, so this is a very big accomplishment for each of these six dedicated athletes, each of whom have been training for several years at the minimum.

Fouad Promotion Picture.jpg


Anubis BJJ Moves to a New Location!

Anubis BJJ is proud to announce our new location in Zamalek, right on the bank of the Nile next to the El Sawy Culture Wheel.  Check out the beautiful new gym and a map of the location below:

Cyborg Teaching - New Location.jpg

Anubis BJJ Location Map.jpg

Cyborg Teaches Three Days of Awesome Tech at Anubis

This past week we were fortunate to have multiple-time IBJJF and ADCC Black Belt World Champion (in his weight class as well as the open class) Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu with us at Anubis BJJ, Cairo.  Cyborg taught a competition class for the first day of training at our beautiful new facility by the El Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamalek, as well as both a No-Gi and Gi seminar over the two days that followed.

Cyborg Seminar No-Gi

Cyborg Gi Seminar

Cyborg focused on positional training, movement drills, and some awesome techniques from bottom Half Guard.  He also shared with us his training mentality and the way he likes to organize and design his classes.  Finally, Cyborg got in plenty of sparring with us – his pressure and movement had to be felt to be believed.

Cyborg Teaching.jpg

Cyborg Sparring 1.jpg

Cyborg Sparring 2.jpg

We look forward to having Cyborg back again next year, and we’ll have plenty more awesome seminars like this to come soon!

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