Fundamental BJJ Lessons:

Trumpet” Dan Lukeheart (Gi BJJ)

People you should Watch:

Rafael and Guillerme Mendes: 2013 Rickson Cup Highlight2014 Rickson Cup Highlight / 2015 Bull Terrier Cup Highlight2016 Rickson Cup Highlight / Sparring Footage

The Mendes brothers also run a pay-site if you want more in-depth online instruction:

Marcelo Garcia: 2015 Highlight / Movement Highlight / New Highlight / Extended Highlight

Marcelo Garcia also runs a pay-site, which was one of the first available online and is still one of the best resources out there, especially the sparring videos and the “In Action” feature:

Strength and Conditioning Recommendations:

It is important to understand that you DO NOT need to get fit before you start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as BJJ is a perfect way to START getting fit!  That being said, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve your strength, conditioning, and overall health, and prevent injuries, we recommend doing a basic barbell program as well as a good mobility program.

We recommend that you try a simple, full-body barbell program like Starting Strength in order to develop your strength and injury-proof your body.

For mobility and flexibility, we recommend Yoga.  You can take Yoga classes at Anubis (see the schedule), and you can also easily do Yoga at home.  Check out this free resource for a ton of great videos of varying lengths and intensities; or, if you would like something BJJ-specific, you can pay for a membership at  Although you have to pay to access most of the videos on this site, we think that it is the best Yoga resource available for BJJ practitioners, as the Yoga taught on that site is specific to the sport and is taught by a very accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, Sebastian Brosche.  You can also see a lot of free sample videos from on their YouTube channel.